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Blackberry Mobile Phones are second most famous phones globally. These handsets are known for their smart phones with smart features. Blackberry phones gives you latest technology with fabulous looks. Black phones function very fast and will give you multi tasking as well. It just take few milliseconds to start any application. Phones by blackberry are ultimate and provided with the smart technology including a touchscreen display, sliders, multi input, email synchronization, music player which has a large memory storage and QWERTY keypads.

The cellphones are great plus they are awesome all of the brands may that be Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, and much more which were the hearty part of your heart at some or other point of time. So as the brand new year this is the 2011 has come the newest expectations from your mobile phones is arriving up as it is a new decade as there are lot many expectations from all of the brands so the new phone 2011 a wide range of through the top most which is Nokia the modern entries which are supposed to be there sooner are E7, C2, X2. Etc.

Merely 88 grams in weight, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini is definitely an undersized handset that has fewer hardware keys, boasts a scratch resistant 83mm x 50mm capacitive touchscreen, and is also 16mm in girth. It comes in a glossy black tint, plastic body along with a rubber backside permanently grip lock. Other jacket colors include Pearl White, Pink, Lime, Red, and Silver. The front side is all 2.55” in hypotenuse length. The connector to the earpiece, LED status, and proximity sensor are typical situated at the top. Three slit-shaped function keys towards the bottom include Menu, Home, and Back.

With the using of the HTC Hub it’s simple to become much acquainted with the proceedings going on outside your doorstep. You get the capability from searching for the stock market progress to catching the newest info on weather updates. It is a feature which is built to supply the users effortlessly needed data in rich 3D formats.

Nokia has also made its presence with the announcement with the new handset Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition. This touchscreen cellular phone is surely an upgraded version that comes with all the device lifetime voice-guided navigation for North America. It features Ovi Maps with full-fledged car navigation solution along with the top features of speed limit warnings and speed camera alerts. There is 3.two inches long display with good resolution to offer perfect view of satellite and terrain maps including 3D landmarks. Talking its another much sought features, it has 3.a couple of hours of playback time, speedy HSDPA internet connection, 3.2 megapixel camera of Carl Zeiss optics and expandable memory up to 16Gb.

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